Play As Your Favorite Meth Dealer With ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figures

    If you’re a kid (or a particularly juvenile adult), the best way to create your own adventures based on your favorite characters is to use action figures. Toy manufacturers know this, which is why it’s nearly impossible to find a sci-fi or children’s franchise that hasn’t had a couple of figurines made and sold. 

    However, some of the more serious shows and movies shown today don’t usually have action figure tie-ins. Thankfully, there are plenty of talented people using the internet to make their creations known to fellow fans. 

    Vulture has shared one of best discoveries of the day with us, and we’re grateful. DeviantArt user TrevorGrove has created three versions of Breaking Bad’s Walter White, complete with accessories and alternate outfits. While the toys aren’t for sale, they show what someone with a real love for the show and its main character can do.

    Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be able to own each of the three types. They include Walt in his first outing when he attempts to cook meth (complete with a full head of hair and underwear), standard Walt and the character in his Heisenberg get-up. The last one has it all — the hat, the sunglasses, the gun and a big bag of cash. 

    See all the Breaking Bad action figures at TrevorGrove.