PJ Harvey Makes Enigmatic “Let England Shake” Announcement

    We’ve already had a few hints that a new PJ Harvey album in imminent. Former Bad Seed (and erstwhile Harvey collaborator) Mick Harvey has talked about it in an interview, and we got this tantalizing preview of a song titled “Let England Shake” back in April of this year.


    Now, a website named after that song has surfaced, which was linked to via the official PJ Harvey Facebook page. It ultimately leads you back to the official PJ Harvey website, which bears the graphic that decorates this post, and says that an “announcement” is coming on Nov. 23.

    What does it all mean? It could be a tour, it could be a new album. But if the song “Let England Shake” is any indication of the direction Harvey is hurtling toward, then this could be one of her most promising releases for a while. When it comes, expect a bird theme to develop if her current web design is any indication. 


    [via DiS]