PJ Harvey Guest Edits BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ Programme

    Earlier this morning, BBC Radio 4’s Today programme had an unlikely guest edit: PJ Harvey. The British singer-songwriter and two-time Mercury Prize winner was featured alongside journalist John Pilger, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and actor Ralph Fiennes. 

    PJ Harvey has joined the likes of other five guest editors including writer and broadcaster Michael Palin, former MI5 Director General Eliza Manningham Buller, Director of World Wide Web Consortium Sir Tim Berners Lee and Barclays Chief Executive Antony Jenkins. 

    Harvey went on her website to release a statement concerning her unusual installment, which substituted the weather forecast slot in exchange for Tom Waits’ “Strange Weather.” Harvey wrote: “I hope that the programme you hear, is the programme I wanted you to hear – I have come to realise that a great deal of its content is about censorship in one way or another… As ideas for titles and topics to be discussed took shape, many poems and songs came into my mind. For me, music and poetry can be as persuasive and as powerful as a fine speaker and a fine speech. You will hear songs and poems supporting and highlighting the content of this programme.”

    Listen to Harvey’s curated programme here