Pizza Hut And Home Depot Deny Improper Use Of Black Keys Songs

    In late June, the Black Keys (Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney), along with Danger Mouse, sued Pizza Hut and the Home Depot for using Black Keys songs in advertisements without permission. The suit claimed Pizza Hut used “Gold on the Ceiling” and Home Depot used “Lonely Boy” in their television ads. 

    Two months later, both companies deny the claims and have filed court documents that ask the Black Keys to pay for their legal expenses should they lose their case.

    Two things: one, why did it take so long for Pizza Hut and the Home Depot to deny the improper use suit? And two, is their request for the band to pay their legal fees some sort of petty lawsuit ettiquette? Something tells us Pizza Hut makes a lot more money slinging Cheesy Bites Pizza™ than do Auerbach and Carney for singing “Gold on the Ceiling.” [Rolling Stone]