Pixies Playing More ‘Doolittle’ Shows on “Lost Cities” tour

    Will the Pixies ever record any new material? Just when it looks like the band might head in that direction, here comes news of yet another chance for audiences to hear old material in a live setting. The group is going to take Doolittle out on the road again, dubbing it the “lost cities” tour, as it includes a number of dates in places that were missed out the last time this album was performed in its entirety. The announcement of these shows is somewhat cryptic as we don’t yet know most of the venues the band is playing, although details of the towns and cities can be found below. Perhaps this is some kind of new anti-scalping technique? Check out the band’s website for forthcoming preseale information.


    Pixeis Doolittle tour dates:


    10.27 Montclair, NJ

    10.28 Asbury Park, NJ

    10.29 Waterbury, CT

    10.30 Hampton Beach, NH

    11.01 Portland, ME

    11.02 Rochester, NY

    11.03 Easton, PA

    11.05 Huntington, NY

    11.06 Wilmington, DE

    11.08 Greensboro, NC

    11.09 Louisville, KY

    11.10 Knoxville, TN

    11.11 North Charleston, SC

    11.14 Memphis, TN

    11.15 Oklahoma, OK

    11.16 Sante Fe, NM

    11.18 Bakersfield, CA

    11.20 Napa, CA

    11.21 Santa Cruz, CA