Pitchfork.tv, IFC partnering to form indie media supergroup

    It’s a wonder that it’s taken this long for multiple indie platforms to join forces. Pitchfork.tv and the IFC channel will be sharing content beginning at the end of the month. Pitchfork.tv content wll be featured on the cable channel, while IFC’s own music content will be available at Pitchfork.tv as well. Ryan Schreiber says, "The idea is to take a more sophisticated approach by not pandering to the audience." Translation: Pitchfork is still claiming indie cred as it continues to expand its reach across platforms. That means no partnerships with MTV anytime soon.


    Nonetheless, the deal certainly makes sense for both parties. It gives Pitchfork a chance to branch out its content into areas away from the Internet. As for IFC, the partnership provides a significant improvement for their indie music prominence, espeically online. Their main source of indie music media is the blog Indie Ear, which has nowhere near the prominence as Pitchfork.