Pitchfork’s Top 100 Songs of 2008 Graph makes even the biggest music nerds blush

    Even as a music nerd who appreciates a good (read: awful) math joke, I’m a bit intimidated, by the obsessive pointlessness and minutely-detailed hogwash of the graph of Pitchfork’s 100 greatest songs of 2008 (topped by Hercules and Love Affair’s "Blind"):Pitchfork Top 100 Songs 200 graphed


    The most hilarious part of the graph is the distinction it makes between such categories as Alternative Pop/Rock, indie rock, indie pop, and low-fi, which few non-idiot savants can distinguish. Very Small Array, we appreciate your dedication, but we’d like to refer you to the following scene 1:03 into this clip of Dead Poet’s Society: