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Pitchfork's Ryan Schreiber on ABC News

Here's something you don't expect to see when you turn on ABC Evening News: Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber talking about "Five Albums to Watch Out for in 2009." Schreiber's appearance is the opening bid in the broadcast's new attempt to cover pop music with a segment called "New Music Monday."


What this means in terms of Pitchfork's place in the blogosphere is being debated in the comments section at Gorilla vs. Bear. Did the appearance help bring something new and unconventional to the masses weaned on a steady diet of major label fare? Or is Pitchfork itself now becoming too mainstream since they're being given the red carpet by anchor Charlie Gibson?


Meanwhile, if you don't wanna wade through the video, we'll just tell you that Schreiber's picks are Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion, Bon Iver's Blood Bank EP, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's self-titled CD, Antony & the Johnson's The Crying Light and the new Taylor Swift CD. Kidding! Just seeing if you all were awake. The final pick is the San Diego one-man act Wavves' self-titled CD, which Schreiber notes has three "v's" in its title (Wavvves) and is "extremely lo-fi."


You gotta figure the old folks at home must have scratched their heads over that one: "Darling, why would I want to listen to something lo-fi? Those Celine Dion CDs are in pristine digital sound! We want only quality music in this McMansion!"


Watch the video here:


Peter Bjorn and John - Peter Bjorn and John release details of <i>Living Thing</i> Pavement, Stephen Malkmus, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Stephen Malkmus is a huge fantasy basketball nerd

Meanwhile, here's a list of 5 things Ryan Schreiber can lick in 2009:

1. My Balls.
2. My Ass.
3. The space between My Ass and My Balls (AKA My Taint)
4. Deez Nuts.
5. The New Taylor Swift CD.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/GregIngber/gaywayswiththejello.jpg GregIngber

This was seriously on the standard half-hour broadcast, not some web extra? If it was, good God, how horrible is network news? There really wasn't ANYTHING else of value to cover today?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/broctoon/jar.jpg broctoon

hahaha. I'm a rolling on the ground. At least these bands are getting coverage outside of their usual circles. Wavves I wasn't really impressed by at first blush but I'll give it another listen on the way back home.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Frosty/Kyle.jpg Kyle Lemmon

That was a web exclusive. And I sincerely doubt there's a danger of Pitchfork becoming "too mainstream." I'm pretty sure the folks at Pitchfork are far too self-aware and conscious of the value of obscurity and oddity in their chosen medium -coverage of independent music. How many people who clicked on that web exclusive are actually going to listen to Wavves?
P.S. Charlie Gibson talking about "hot albums" = roflcopter.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mattycakes/Kate+Bush.jpg mattycakes

charlie gibson is an oblivious hack who borders on idiocy when discussing his role as a "journalist," and he's in complete denial about having done his job pre-Iraq invasion ("I think the questions were asked. . . . I can remember getting in trouble with administration officials for asking questions they didn't feel comfortable with....not our role to debate them"). that said, "Pains of Being Pure at Heart"? Really? An album to WATCH for? REALLY?

Two Cents

Hey, Charlie, pretty sure there's a war going on. And a sinking economy. And one crooked politician after another being outed. Talking to Mr. Schreiber is just pathetic and unjustifiable.

Steve L

Yeah but is Schreiber talking to Gibson equally pathetic and unjustifiable? Maybe Schreiber should have snubbed him and told him to go find a real story.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/dukkookim/6460_1130716601218_1626340558_309884_1280450_njpg.jpg dukkookim

YOU ARE 50 YEARS OLD. Your musical tastes are IRRELEVANT!!!

screw these b1tches

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