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Pitbull Sued for Skipping Out on Concert

Miami rapper Pitbull is being sued by concert promoters in Cudahy, Calif., for allegedly refusing to play a concert he was paid $28,000 for due to "bad sound equipment." The club owners are seeking $80,000, the total they say they're out. Many LULZ go out to Pitbull. What kind of sound equipment do you need to play "Hotel Room Service?" Pitbull won't do horrible pop-rap on anything less than top-of-the-line Bose, apparently. [TMZ]

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People want to knock Pitbull for all his HIT SONGS that are RADIO FRIENDLY and have never heard of Pitbull's mixtape songs or album joints. Once you hear those then judge him, but if you only listen to his radio songs then you might be a 13 year old girl. Check out one of Pitbull's mixtapes here:

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