Pitbull Might Head To Alaska, Thanks To Walmart And Facebook

    Maybe this is what people mean when they talk about the evils of Facebook. After Walmart announced a Facebook contest that would send rapper Pitbull to the store that garnered the most Likes, a little tip from alt weekly the Boston Phoenix got thousands of people to vote for an unlikely store: the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. 60,000 Likes later, it looks like Miami-born Pitbull is going to get chilly in the state nicknamed The Last Frontier. Walmart will uphold the hijacked contest’s results, even if it means a long, cold flight for Pitbull.

    But how could Pitbull stay upset when the Kodiak staff is so welcoming? Check out that picture – even the bear will be happy to see him! If you think this prank is hilarious, do your part and like the Alaska Walmart page. The deadline is July 15.