Pissed Jeans Return With New Album, King of Jeans

    Pennsylvania’s Pissed Jeans, you’re favorite shredding heavy rock band (or at least your favorite one that sings about scrapbooking and ice cream) are back later this summer with a new album called King of Jeans. The disc will be their second album for Sup Pop, and their third overall. King of Jeans was produced by Alex Newport, who has worked with the likes of At the Drive-In and Sepultera, so he probably had no problem rangling Pissed Jeans’ growling noise. According to the label, the album is the band’s attempt at a “formal and uneasy acceptance of adulthood.” I guess that means that instead of angular, hard-nosed punk about stuff laying around the living room, we’ll get screaming about stuff laying around the office. Either way, I’m in. No word yet on if Pink Eyes, singer for former tourmates Fucked Up, will interview the band as part of his new gig on FoxNews. But judging by the way banter goes on that channel, I guess Pink Eyes and Pissed Jeans’ singer Matt Korvette growling back and forth wouldn’t seem that out of the ordinary.


    King of Jeans is out Aug. 18 on Sub Pop.