Pink Floyd Win Suit Against EMI, Label Prevented From Selling Band’s Music Digitally

    Pink Floyd’s case against record label EMI sure moved fast: A British court has found that EMI owes the band $60,000 in costs and could owe more in damages, after the Floyd sued the label over it selling the band’s music digitally without permission. The court also ruled that EMI is barred from selling Pink Floyd’s music digitally, because it violates a contract that band has with the label stating that EMI can’t sell any singles from the band’s albums. EMI contended that since its agreement with Pink Floyd was signed long before digital music, it was allowed to sell Floyd’s music piecemeal on the Internet as it saw fit.


    This case is a big deal, since it will probably prohibit labels from trying similar stunts with other digital holdouts like AC/DC and Garth Brooks. It also establishes that digital and physical sales are one and the same, so the labels can’t have deals differentiating their distribution. [Spinner