Pink Floyd factions still chilly at Syd Barrett tribute

    On May 10th, all four members of Pink Floyd’s classic lineup took part in the “Syd Barrett – Madcap’s Last Laugh” tribute concert. The event, held at the London venue Barbican and also featuring Damon Albarn, Chrissie Hynde and Soft Boys singer Robyn Hitchcock, honored the former ‘Floyd frontman Syd Barrett, who died in July of 2006 from diabetes complications. And while the concert was held in a spirit of genuine respect for Barrett’s legacy, it was hard not to notice the rift that still exists between Roger Waters and his estranged bandmates. The two factions played separate sets, never appearing onstage at the same time, and refusing to take photographs together. You’d think that an event like this might have inspired Waters and Gilmour to tear down The Wall between them, but if Gilmour ever said to Waters “sometimes I Wish You Were Here,” he’d probably just respond “Don’t Meddle in my affairs, David.” And so, The Division Bell remains in place. Those insensitive pricks in Pink Floyd are all Animals. One day they’ll look into their Saucerful of Secrets and realize that their thoughts have been Obscured By Clouds all this time. Thankfully the Atom Heart Mother wants to offer them More.
    Jesus, this post shouldn’t have made The Final Cut.
    Oh, and Ummagumma.
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