Zune in pink, flash, and 2.0 varieties

    via ZuneScene
    Most of this is rumor, but the pink Zune is a done deal. Period. There were several limited edition pink music players unleashed on the world, but it will be available to any who want to match it with their Coral Pink DS Lites – just be one of the first to grab at the 100,000 limited run. Watermelon red is also rumored to be in the works.
    The inevitable flash player is also being discussed – word on the street is that its screen will cover about 75% of the player (all the better for movie support) and will include the same Wi-Fi sharing that’s found on the current Zune. With a Zune subscription service, it could be a better buy than the hard drive version. The hard drive player is due for a size shrink, which would be welcome, but details were scarce on any other enhancements. Given the trouble Microsoft has pushing out simple firmware updates, you hope they get more features going on the current generation before worrying about the next.