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Everyone poops, even punk rockers

It looks like the excremental spirit of GG Allin -- here's some classic footage -- is still alive in the U.K.  English "punk" band Pills From America started a pub melee recently in Newcastle during its gig when lead singer Mark Wardlaw scooped some poop from his undies and slathered in upon the face of someone front and center in the audience.  


"We're a punk band. Everything we do is improvised. We've done sex acts on stage and I've eaten lightbulbs," Wardlaw told the Metro.


The fan punched Wardlaw and then police arrested band member Mark Pennington for disorderly conduct. What? No assault with excrement charge? I mean, it's no shod foot to the jaw, but you know that stuff has got to hurt. At least on the inside. And let's not forget the smell factor. [NME]

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Pills From America

poop = punk

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Wow, I'm not sure I want to watch that footage.

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i can smell the fury

i expect more from you all next time

form the heart of the Ozark hillbilly country with love

Pat Rubbish

Pat Rubbish

Lovin' the pooper punk rocker excrement!
Good post, I say. SOCIAL TASK


Heard about this on Student Radio! The presenters were really laying into him! It was on Episode 7 of the Malcolm and Dennis show, about 16 mins 20 secs in. Pretty funny:


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