Photographer Pressing Charges Against Odd Future’s Left Brain

    The developing story surrounding an alleged assault on a female photographer by Left Brain, of Odd Future, has escalated to the point of legal action. The photographer, Amy Harris, accused the rapper/producer of slapping her in the face during the group’s set at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans on Oct. 30. Odd Future’s camp responded to Harris’ claims and issued a statement denying that an assault took place.

    In the days following the alleged incident, Harris had hinted at bringing the matter to the police to press charges against Left Brain, whose real name is Vyron Turner. And last night on her personal website, she made it clear that she has indeed taken legal action and that she’s done talking about it online after receiving threats. Read it below. [P4K]

    It is my understanding that a police report I filed in New Orleans on Friday has now become public knowledge and is being reported on various websites.  At this time, I do not wish to discuss the filing of the police report other than to say that, upon further reflection of events of the past week, it is something I needed to do.  The week’s events have been extremely upsetting and culminated with an email from an unidentified person threatening to kill me and rape me and my family.  While it is certainly possible that the email came from an overzealous fan of Odd Future, and not from the group itself, it has become clear to me that this is a matter for the police.

    I hope the media will respect my privacy.  In that regard, I ask that any questions be directed my attorney, Amy Borlund at Doll Amir & Eley in Los Angeles.

    Thank you,

    Amy Harris