Photographer Of “Figure 8” Album Cover Yells At Roger Waters

    Autumn de Wilde, the photographer responsible for the now-iconic cover shot of Elliott Smith‘s Figure 8, took to MySpace today, not only to remind the world that people besides local bands use MySpace, but to weigh in on the controversy surrounding Roger Waters’ street team defacing the wall, which had become a de facto memorial to Smith after the singer’s passing in 2003.


    Check the post here, in which de Wilde spits some very well reasoned vitriol in the direction of the Pink Floyd singer. Check this pointed excerpt:

    I think that if Roger Water’s himself had gone out there and done this I would respect him more. But sitting in an overpriced armchair while a “street team” disrespects not just this memorial but real street artists that are actually risking something to go out into the night and plaster the city with their point of view pisses me off.

    Pretty badass, if you ask me.