Photo Of The Beatles Walking Backwards Sells For Over $25,000 Dollars

    If you had an endless amount of cash, how much would you pay for a rare photo of your favorite band? Unless you are the true completist, probably not much. When it comes to The Beatles, though, things are different.

    Take the above photo which sold for £16,000 pounds after a bidding frenzy at the Bloomsbury auction house in central London this afternoon. That comes out to $25,241.60 in USD using today’s exchange rate.

    The photo taken by Iain Macmillian showcases the Fab Four walking in the opposite direction that they are featured on their final studio album, Abbey Road. Other differences include Paul McCartney wearing sandals. He also without a cigarette which he can be seen holding on the original album cover.

    The auction piece was expected to sell around £9,000 pounds.

    Worth it?