Phosphorescent’s Gear, Van Stolen In NYC

    Sad news from the Phosphorescent camp. After their show at Pier 54 in New York City last night, the band’s van was stolen along with all their gear and merch. All told, the band lost somewhere around $40,000 in equipment and are now trying to regroup and figure out how to keep the tour going. The band has set up a PayPal account for donations, and is asking for anyone with any information to come forward.


    You can read the official press release on the incident, and a full list of the missing gear, by going here.


    And donations can be made to the band by going here. If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, please do consider donating. These van and gear thefts are becoming more and more common, and can be pretty debilitating to a band just trying to make it on tour, so every little bit helps. Consider it a worthwhile investment for when Phosphorescent rolls their dusty way through your town.