Phonte Speaks On Bilal


    Phonte takes a moment to rap about Bilal at the UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival.

    Bilal: a rapper’s singer? Maybe that’s a stretch, but the second-most wherehaveyoubeen singer gets some kind shouts from Q-Tip and Phonte in the lead-up to his long-awaited Airtight’s Revenge album (due September 14 on Plug Research). The Q-Tip video is a bit hard to hear and isn’t very revelatory, but you can watch it here. The Phonte clip above, however, is worth a look-see whether you’re familiar with the singer or not. Once you get past the first minute (personal shout-outs, general praise), he describes why he thinks Bilal is a man’s R&B singer, “You can sing a Bilal song and still be a man.”

    I’ve seen Bilal perform for both men and women and I can assure you there were plenty of women picking their jaws from up off the ground. And I don’t quite agree that most R&B caters to women (you think Beyonce dresses the way she does strictly for the ladies?). That said, Phonte has some classic lines: “You and your boys can be four-deep in the car and sing Bilal and still be men. Like how n****s used to do with Jodeci back in the day…”

    Airtight’s Revenge promises to be nice. Production credits include the artist himself, Nottz, SA-RA’s Shafiq Husayn, 88 Keys and more.