Phonte Speaks On 9th Wonder For Upcoming ‘The Wonder Year’ Documentary

    This year’s April 20 won’t just be another excuse to get high — and perhaps do so while listening to Curren$y’s collaboration with the Alchemist, Covert Coup. LRG apparently spent an entire year with producer 9th Wonder to create a 78-minute documentary called The Wonder Year. But it won’t just show “a year in the life of CEO, NAACP ambassador, Duke University professor, husband, father, son and Grammy Award winning producer.”


    The documentary also features interviews with the likes of Drake, DJ Premier, J. Cole, and Murs. Most notable, though, is the discussion with 9th’s former Little Brother associate, Phonte. The two squashed whatever issues they had between them relatively recently and tracks like Lil B’s “Base for Your Face” have shown that they’re ready to work together again. In the above trailer for The Wonder Year, Phonte speaks on his relationship with 9th for nearly 10 minutes, from how they reconciled to future collaborations.


    Be sure to come back here April 20 for, I’m expecting, a stream of the entire documentary.