Phoenix Reveal More Details On Score For Sophia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’


    Further information on Phoenix’s soundtrack for the forthcoming Sophia Coppola movie Somewhere has emerged, with guitarist Christian Mazzalai talking about how the score was largely inspired by on the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix song “Love Like a Sunset” (above).


    “She asked us to do some music, very in the spirit of “Love Like a Sunset,” so we tried to put that track and elements of the track in the movie, and it worked well,” Mazzalai said in an interview for MTV. “And then we wrote very small pieces of music, very minimal music for the movie too. … We’re very proud of it.”


    Somewhere is set for release in North America on Dec. 22 and should receive its debut screening at the Venice Film Festival. It stars Stephen Dorff and features an appearance from Jackass star Chris Pontius, whom Coppola says she chose because “he’s great at improvising and coming up with things and he’s really great with kids.”


    [via The Playlist]