Phoenix Announces Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Details

    2006’s It’s Never Been Like That, had a drier album title, you could say. They’ve definitely reduced any risk of plain album titles with their forthcoming Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which sounds like one of Homer from "The Simpsons" better jokes. It’s Never Been Like That was still a pretty well-received record anyway, so hopefully Phoenix has a direct relationship between album quality and name craziness. The album is coming out May 26 on Glassnote Records and the band’s own Loyaute (= Loyalty) imprint. Guessing by the sound of album track "1901," Phoenix isn’t straying too far away from the glossed-out synthpop of their past works. Tracklisting below.


    Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix:


    1. Lisztomania

    2. 1901

    3. Fences

    4. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1

    5. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2

    6. Lasso


    8. Countdown

    9. Girlfriend

    10. Armistice