Phish Killing Off Albums on Their Website, Will Play Last Album Standing on Halloween

    Phish have made a little tradition out of playing other band’s albums during their Halloween shows. And in the past this has made for interesting performances (their take on Velvet Underground’s Loaded comes to mind). So as they gear up for their 3-day festival in Indio at the end of October, they’ve begun teasing fans with possible albums they may play for Halloween 2009.


    On their website, the band has put up a number of album covers and, as each one gets eliminated as a possibility for the Indio show, it is stabbed to death. It is, after all, that gristly time of year again.


    The list of albums is certainly ecclectic, but most of them seem better in theory than they would be in actual practice. I mean, how mad would your cool uncle be if he took a long weekend off from his bartending job and then had to sit through an hour of Phish doing Evil Empire? My guess, pretty mad, depending on what he bought in the parking lot.


    One of the more classic entries still around (like Sticky Fingers or Ziggy Stardust or even, maybe Thriller) seems like the best bet for Trey and company, and a much better idea than, say, MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular (also still in the running). No matter what they pick in the end, you got to give the guys credit for building anticipation and getting in the Halloween spirit. That will probably end up being the greater success, since the covers themselves seem doomed not to live up to the hype. [Rolling Stone]