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Phish Cover Neutral Milk Hotel, Add 20 Minutes Of Noodling (Video)

That last part would be way killer--something about In The Aeroplane Over The Sea screams for a warbly puree of guitar soup every time Jeff Mangum professes his love for Anne Frank and/or Jesus Christ. Actually, Phish's Trey Anastasio only added a few minutes of jam band delight to the end of NMH's "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea," which the band covered during their set at Maryland's Merriweather Post Pavillion a couple nights ago. The take on the NMH classic is pretty straightforward at first--Anastasio's voice is a little more soothing and fatherly than Mangum's anguished whine--before the guitars kick in and then, hell yeah, it's a Phish concert. Check out the video below or head over to Brooklyn Vegan, where the comments on the video are hilariously antagonistic for such an innocuous cover: "they also covered Rock N Roll and Good Times Bad Times...this post should be about the Good Times Bad Times. who gives a shit about NMH?" wonders poster Amy, while "Anonymous" simply declares that the cover "Tastes like burning." Who knew? [Brooklyn Vegan]



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Neutral Milk Hotel

Is this photograph really necessary for the post? Yeah, Trey got busted a few years ago. A lot of musicians have. Why aren't their mugshots the lead photograph on articles about their band?

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That is very true; however, I just grabbed the first photo that stood out to me on the first page of GIS results. There's no greater meaning other than it's not a photo of the band posing.

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That makes sense, I just was a little bothered by it and the joke about the 20 minute noodling.

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What is this, a thread about Michael Jackson dying? Good pic, better joke, bad cover.

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