Phil Spector Launches Appeal Against Murder Conviction

    Phil Spector isn’t going to take his jail sentence without a fight, and has filed an appeal against his conviction for murder on the grounds of judicial error and prosecutorial misconduct. The legendary producer is currently serving a 19-years-to-life sentence for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.


    Spector’s lawyers don’t think he got a fair trial, and are alleging that five women were “improperly used” during the case. All five women claimed Spector had used a gun against them in the past, but his lawyers think that the incidents were not comparable to the circumstances of Clarkson’s death.


    “None of the… evidence involved events in which Mr Spector put a gun in someone’s mouth, much less fired it,” reads a statement connected to the appeal. The lawyers reject the notion that Spector “had a history and propensity of violence against women and thus should be convicted based on his bad character and evil propensities.”


    Spector also famously pulled a gun on the Ramones during recording sessions with the group, allegedly forcing them to play “Baby I Love You” over and over while brandishing the weapon at them. It’s unlikely that widespread knowledge of such incidents helped Spector out, and it’s not hard to see him staying in jail for a long time yet.


    [via NME]