Phil Lynott’s Mom Slams Mitt Romney Over Song Use

    Mitt Romney should just stick to Kid Rock, Taylor Hicks, and Toby Keith. Even though the Republican candidate is rumored to have decent taste in music, there’s a big difference between playing it on a headset and broadcasting it at the Republican National Convention. Phil Lynott’s mother has spoken out against the RNC using one of her son’s signature tracks, “The Boys Are Back In Town,” telling the Irish magazine Hot Press that the Thin Lizzy axe man would not have approved of Romney’s tax programs or anti-gay marriage stance. She also offered these thoughts:

    “There is a black president of America, which to me – as it would have been to Philip, as a proud, black Irishman – is wonderfully symbolic. I have a lot of time for Barack Obama, so to hear ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ being appropriated by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their campaign against him is deeply upsetting.”

    The Romney campaign has not commented on whether it will drop the song from the rotation or whether either candidate is aware of how exceedingly cool Phil Lynott was during his lifetime. [NME]