Phil Collins Looking for His Bike at the Alamo

    Phil Collins has apparently taken a break from music (some would argue that is a good thing, I would not, necessarily) to focus his time on a different endeavor–researching and celebrating the Alamo. Collins has apparently become something of a fixture at the house that Davy Crockett built, taking tours, showing up at speeches, and offering his services to the people that run the Alamo.

    What began as a boyhood passion as he saw actor Fess Parker portray Davy Crockett now is a full-time pursuit for Collins, 58.


    "He’s very well read," said Jim Guimarin, who owns the History Shop and has traveled with Collins to battle sites.


    Last year, standing under a moonlit sky among the walls at Mission La Bahía in Goliad, it was as if he and Collins had been transported back to 1836. Collins was given a private tour of the San Jacinto battleground, where the Texans defeated Mexico and won independence April 21. This year, they may visit a historic site near Corpus Christi where 35 Texans were killed or captured.


    Collins also plans to attend Friday’s commemorations of the Alamo battle and is set to speak to the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association on Saturday.

    So, Collins is there because he likes it? I bet he’s there because he can feel it in the air tonight that Buxton hid his bike in there.


    Pee-Wee Herman jokes aside, I can’t imagine going to the Alamo and getting led around the place alongside the dude that wrote "Sussudio." That would be pretty bonkers. [Idolator