Pharrell Williams not really a PC

    Those preachy Microsoft ads with all those “celebrities” and “regular people” talking about how they own PC’s have been nearly everywhere in the last week (a faux John Hodgman started talking to me about how he wears tweed the last time I used a public bathroom… needless to say, it was awkward), and apparently they are constructed with a web of lies. It seems that Pharrell Williams doesn’t own a PC, and loves iPods (he owns a gold-plated one). Eva Longoria uses a MacBook, and Deepak Chopra writes all the time about how he uses his iPod as a motivational tool. (In interest of full disclosure, I’m writing this on a MacBook. But for the record, I hate Justin Long.)


    Now, I’m not suggesting that having an iPod makes you anti-PC (as they are compatible) but you’d think that if Microsoft was going to gather up some celebs to be pitch people, they’d make sure they actually love to use PCs and associated products (like the Zune). [Idolator]