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Pharrell Relaunches ICECREAM Skate Team (Video)

After years of absence, Pharrell welcomes the return of his ICECREAM skate team. The announcement comes in a promotional video, which introduces the new crew -- comprised of Andre Beverley, Emmet Duffy, Jamel Marshall and Stephan Martinez -- showing off their talents on the board, donning ICECREAM threads (of course). The whole thing is soundtracked by a dope beat from Skateboard P's vault.

“Growing up, you see it everywhere: kids with all the talent in the world, but with very few or no opportunities," comments Pharrell. "Well, these are those kids and we’re giving them that opportunity. They’ve got the skill. They’ve got the personality. They’ve got a real story and ICECREAM is the platform for them to show that. It’s gonna be a beautiful thing to watch them grow”.

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