Pharrell reduced Madonna to tears while recording

    Pharrell put her Madgesty in her place while working with her on Hard Candy, making her cry "like a baby," he says. "We were alone recording the album and she kept talking a lot of rubbish, so I shouted a lot of rubbish and she started crying her eyes out." Pharrell adds that he wasn’t going to go public with this, but Madonna beat him to the punch, so he’s admitting it. However, he’s not going into details. 


    "I just said some really nasty stuff, I guess. And yeah, she cried for a really long time actually," he said. "To be honest I can’t believe she told someone about it. The whole situation was quite intense. It’s totally weird to make Madonna sob, but even stranger when she tells everyone, ‘Pharell made me cry.’" [NME]