Peter Hook’s EP Of Joy Division Songs Held Up By Legal Issues

    Remember those howls of anguish that echoed out across the world when Peter Hook  announced he was going to release an EP of Joy Division re-recordings? Well, those screams can be silenced—or at least diminished—today, as Hook has hit some legal problem with the release and it’s been indefinitely shelved.


    The release was set to be titled 1102/2001 and was to be released by the bass player’s band, The Light. Former Happy Mondays singer Rowetta was also featured on the recordings. The single was to be issued on a label named (get ready with that barf bag) Hacienda Records, who issued a statement saying it has now been withdrawn.


    Here is that statement:


    “Haçienda Records unfortunately has to announce a delay in the release of The Light’s ‘1102 / 2011’ EP due to legal issues. We are hoping that these matters will be temporary, not permanent and will be resolved soon. Thank you for your support. We will update you as soon as we are able.”


    If you can bear to look there is some cover art for the proposed single available on the Hacienda Records site, which you can check out here. Hook already released a couple of videos for tracks from the EP, and you can see those out below. Fervent Ian Curtis acolytes may want to turn away at this point…




    [via Slicing Up Eyeballs]