Peter Hook Talks New Book, Playing Pool With Ian Curtis, “New Odour”

    Good news, fellow Joy Division aficionados — there’s yet another book about the legendary Manchester punks to add to your reading lists.

    Peter Hook recently spoke with FACT Magazine in support of his upcoming book, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, which details his time in the short-lived post-punk band.

    Unsurprisingly, the notoriously cantankerous bassist uses the interview as an opportunity to take a few shots at his former bandmates, whom he criticizes for continuing to tour under the New Order banner.

    It’s worth wading through Hook’s vitriol to read several touching, humorous anecdotes about Curtis — one of which describes the frenetic lead singer’s penchant for playing pool.

    He used to play pool like he used to dance on stage. He’d be running around the fucking pool table – I only remembered this recently, and thought it would’ve been fucking great in the book – and, amazingly, he was really good at it. He’d whack it like a madman and the fucking thing would go in. Everyone was amazed at his pool playing technique.

    To get your full fix of Hooky’s rants and raves, check out the full interview over at FACT.