Peter Hook, New Order Not Involved With Disney-Joy Division T-Shirt

    So Disney’s Joy Division-Mickey Mouse T-shirt — it’s above this text — that appeared online yesterday? It turns out that the surviving members of the band weren’t aware that it was being made. That’s the word according to Peter Hook, former bassist for both Joy Division and New Order.

    Hook told MTV Hive that he’s unaware if his former New Order cohorts had anything to do with the shirt, mostly because they’re not on speaking terms right now. And when those same New Order players were asked by Pitchfork if they were involved, they said they weren’t.

    At least Hook offered this gem of a quote:

    “I have seen a lot of Mickey Mouse t-shirts in my time. But I have to say this is probably the best… I hope that [Disney] will be as understanding when we start doing Donald Duck shirts.”