Peter Hook & New Order Likely Going To Court, Getting Even More Childish

    It appears that the seemingly eternal struggle between Peter Hook and his former bandmates in New Order is going to court. His main concern is over the fact that the other members of New Order are trying to trademark the name without his permission. He said that this is illegal because it’s an oppression of the minority — in this case, Hook — and wants it settled. Peep a quote from his interview from NME below.

    “It looks like we’re going to court; neither side looks amenable to backing down,” he explains. “I’m not against them playing [under the name New Order], but what I’m rallying against is the business dealings they’ve done to secure the New Order trademark, which is oppression of a minority, which is illegal. They’ve taken the New Order name and the trademark and basically thrown me 50p and said ‘That’s all you’re worth twatface. That’s what you get for playing Joy Division music’.”

    Oh, you thought that was bad? Check out what he has to say about his former bandmate Tom Chapman taking over on bass:

    “I’ve watched so-called ‘New Order’ playing in Auckland and Tom Chapman is miming along to my bass on tape. ‘Round & Round’. Have a look at it. He’s got his fingers on the low and you can hear my high bass in the background. So he’s miming. It’s the Milli Vanilli of bass.”

    Of course, New Order has responded in kind and they even threw shots at Hook’s DJing, which they argue is phony. Here’s what they had to say about the false bass-playing claims:

     “On the chorus of ‘Round & Round’ there is a low bass part, a high bass part and Tom sings backing vocals. It’s more than one person can manage so Tom recorded his high bass part and it’s replayed as part of the backing track sequence. We strongly refute the allegation that New Order are using any of Mr Hook’s bass playing in our live performance.”

    So…how old are these guys again? Jesus. [FACT]