Peter Hook Continuing Joy Division Performances With ‘Still’ Dates

    Since it appears that Peter Hook won’t be reuniting with his former Joy Division/New Order bandmates any time soon (read some of his blunt comments regarding the fallout here), the bassist will continue mining the past on his own with the final installment of his trilogy of tributes to his first band. 

    Following his 2010 Unknown Pleasures and 2011 Closer jaunts, Hooky as he’s known will now cover Joy Division’s less-notable 1981 release Still, which was basically a compilation of unused studio material and a live recording of Ian Curtis and company’s last show at Birmingham University.

    Hook tells FACT,  “It’s somewhat bittersweet since I honestly wish there were more to go really but I am very happy that now with Still I will have played every Joy Division song ever written.” No word on how happy his former cohorts Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris are about Hook’s touring decisions, though they seem to be doing just fine as they’re prepping for their own, upcoming New Order tour.

    Anyhow, in addition to the two Still dates at Manchester’s famous Factory on May 18 and 19, Peter Hook and his new band The Light will also continue playing Closer and Unknown Pleasures tunes on several dates in the U.K. through end of May/beginning of June.  No further U.S. dates have been announced as of yet. 

    Peter Hook and The Light tour dates:

    • 05.25 O2 Academy: Liverpool
    • 05.26 Oran Moor: Glasgow
    • 05.27 Rescue Rooms: Nottingham
    • 05.29 Leadmill: Sheffield
    • 05.30 O2 Academy: Birmingham
    • 06.01 O2 Academy: Islington
    • 06.02 O2 Academy: Oxford
    • 06.08 O2 Academy: Dublin
    • 06.09 Spring And Airbrake: Belfast