Peter Gabriel Sad That Thom Yorke Hasn’t Talked To Him On Facebook (Probably)

    In an interview about his released today indie rock covers album Scratch My Back, Peter Gabriel launched into a weird thing about how Thom Yorke has been refusing to respond to his Vampire Requests about Yorke covering one of his songs.


    “I still haven’t had a response from Thom Yorke,” he explained of the situation, before adding that he does still want theRadioheadfrontman to be involved.He revealed: “He originally wrote to say he wanted to do a version of’Wallflower’, but I haven’t heard what he thinks of my version of [‘Street Spirit’].”


    Gabriel conceded that Yorke may not have been impressed with his version of the track.”Not everyone likes it and I’ve no real idea whether he likes it or hates it. We have a little clue, though,” he said. “We gave out codes for the artists to listen to their songs on a stream and we could see how many times they’ve heard them. I think he’s only streamed ‘Street Spirit’once, which isn’t a good sign, but who knows?”

    I’m guessing that Gabriel could have just picked up a phone and asked Yorke in person, but telling this to the newspaper probably makes just as much sense. That or using the Yorke-light to summon him to fight crime.


    Seriously, do musical icons not know how to use phones? [NME]