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Peter Frampton Wrecked By Texter

Peter Frampton Wrecked By Texter

Don't text and drive, kids. You might end up slamming into a rock n' roll legend, and then you'll probably have to feel bad about yourself for a while. 

Peter Frampton allegedly got into a fender-bender earlier today when a woman rear-ended the singer/guitarist on the freeway. He asserts in a Twitter rant that she was texting away and not paying attention to the fact that the rest of traffic had stopped moving a long time ago. Quoth Frampton: "Can u say whiplash? People put the phones down!" People, the man has spoken: pocket those convos on the highway.

Besides being peeved and whiplashed, the 62-year-old musician is doing mostly OK, although he says he's planning on getting his neck and back checked out at a hospital as soon as he's done traveling. [TMZ]

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