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Peter Bjorn and John release details of <i>Living Thing</i>

"Young Folks" was such a successful, airwaves pervading crossover hit that it doesn't feel like it's been more than two years since Peter Bjorn and John released Writer's Block back in 2006. The Swedish trio is coming back in 2009 with Living Thing, the group's fifth full-length album.


The album's going to be released March 30 in the UK on Wichita, and March 31 in the U.S. on Almost Gold Recordings/Star Time International. Right now, you can download album track "Lay It Down" for free.99 right there and you can listen to "the album's first single "Nothing To Worry About," courtesy of Kanye. Tracklist below.




Living Thing

01 The Feeling             
02 It Don't Move Me
03 Just the Past           
04 Nothing to Worry About
05 I'm Losing My Mind         
06 Living Thing
07 I Want You!            
08 Lay It Down
09 Stay This Way         
10 Blue Period Picasso
11 4 out of 5           
12 Last Night

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Peter Bjorn and John

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