Pete Seeger, Legendary Folk Musician, Dies At 94

    Pete Seeger, possibly one of the most influential songwriters this world has ever known, has passed away at the age of 94. He died of natural causes. 

    Seeger is known to the world as one of the most impactful musicians over the generations that have lived since his birth. He started writing music in the 1930’s, starting bands in the 40’s, and rose to popularity in the 50’s, with writer’s credits on many hit songs well into the 60’s. He popularized the 5-string banjo (he wrote a how-to-play book) and the 12-string guitar, which Leadbelly played in his day. A famous activist, Seeger was a pioneer in protest folk music that would influence countless artists. Seeger led and mentored the 60’s Greenwich Village folk movement that starred a young Bob Dylan, putting Dylan’s foot in the door at Columbia Records and spawning one of the most popular artists of all-time.

    Seeger’s place in music history is nearly boundless, as his songs and works are scattered throughout all of folk’s, and even rock’s, long history. His legacy is immense and he shall be remembered for eternity. Below, you can watch a few of his performances and listen to his songs that will exist forever. You can also read a in-depth article over at The New York Times. [New York Times]