Pete Doherty is (thankfully) unsuccessful in his attempt to bear arms

    [Entertainmentwise Via DIW]
    Every once in awhile, something happens that reaffirms for you that the world makes sense. Pete Doherty has reportedly been spurned in his attempts to obtain a shotgun license. So why, you might be asking yourself, does Doherty want to own a gun? Why, to take up shooting with the snobs up at the Cotswolds of course! Says Doherty: “I want to get a shotgun and a flat cap and go shooting like they all do in the country. It could be my new hobby.””
    That Doherty would dream up a lame-brained idea like this isn’t much of a surprise. What’s frightening about this story, is that he bounced this idea off many of his friends first, and they were all in favor of it! Thankfully, the local police were not, and we can all collectively put this potential nightmare behind us. But first, let’s all take a moment and give thanks for strict British gun laws.