Pete Doherty Arrested (Again)

    The troubles of Pete Doherty seem destined to never end. One minute he’s clowning around in some excruciating videos with his friend Graham Coxon, the next he’s carted off by the police again, this time finding himself arrested on suspicion of supplying drugs to a filmmaker who died in January.


    Doherty was questioned on Friday (March 19) and was released on bail, with a court date set for April. Two other, as yet unnamed men were also arrested on a similar charge. Robin Whitehead was making a documentary on the singer when she died of a drug overdose on January 24.


    The film was titled The Road to Albion, and mostly focused on Doherty’s triumphs with his former band, the Libertines. One of the other men rumored to be arrested is Pete Wolfe, a longstanding colleague of the singer who goes by the name of Wolfman, and has frequently collaborated with Doherty.