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Pete Doherty and Graham Coxon May Only Have One Brain Cell Between Them (Video)


Oh dear. Hopefully this is a huge joke, a big ruse played by Graham Coxon and Pete Doherty, who have decided they need to sit down together and debate the burning issues of the day. The pair met with an organization named Instigate Debate for this conflab, and they even allowed themselves to be filmed while doing so.


If you can peel your hands away from your eyes, you can hear Coxon say things like: “Part of me wants to kind of clear America like an old overgrown field that needs the stubble burning and start again," and "Just keep all the nice Americans somewhere while we do it. I think there'll be a lot less oxygen being used, a lot less greenhouse gasses." If any world leaders are reading, as I'm sure they are, there's your solution to handling America and environmental issues in one fell swoop. Someone give this man a government post, pronto.


Obviously parts of this are supposed to be humorous, but it’s excruciatingly painful viewing, especially as the level of debate starts low and plummets rapidly. “Should we legalize cannabis?” asks the interviewer, followed by a long pause, and a warning from Doherty that cannabis can make you “mental.” Yes, Pete Doherty is now warning us about the dangers of using drugs.


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Graham Coxon
Pete Doherty

I agree with Gra, and I'm American. This country is filled with idiots who don't give a crap about the rest of world. Clear away Gra, but please save those of us who don't drive SUVs, support war and embrace the culture of greed and deceit that defines the USA.


Lighten up for God's sake! They are having a laugh. I am American and I am fine with what Coxon said - Have you seen the state of Detroit for example! In fact, there are plans in American cities like Detroit that ARE proposing bulldozing parts of the city due to abandoned houses being used as drug and rape dens. Doherty is a rock icon and a very bright boy - leave him alone!

Lauren M. Lynley

I wouldn't take what they have said too seriously, i think the soul purpose of this video is to show people like Graham & Pete have politial stance (all be it quite humourous) and to encourige people, i think particularly youngsters who are impressed by such musicians, to have a political mind themself if they are not already aware/consious of such thought


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