Perfume Genius Finishes Second Album

    Perfume Genius’ Learning was one of the most beautiful and wrenching albums of 2010, it also only came out like, 10 months ago. But mastermind Mike Hadreas isn’t slowing down, in an interview with Dummy he confirmed that his sophomore effort is finished.

    “I just finished recording an album in Bristol, I am not sure when it will be released. Most of the songs are about healing or dying or both. I tried to write kind of against my normal temperament – which isn’t always very positive – and write about what I believe in, which is that nobody is ever too fucked to look the world in the eye. Even though I don’t always feel that way about myself I know it to be true. There is a trombone on one song and even some drums! And you can actually hear my voice, that is probably the biggest step up soundwise.”

    “Songs about healing or dying or both” sounds like the most Perfume Genius-y thing ever. It certainly doesn’t seem like Learning’s successor will be any less devastating. [OneThirtyBPM]