Perfume Genius Ad Rejected By Google For Not Being “Family Safe”

    Have you ever wondered what constitutes a not family-safe ad on Google and YouTube? Well, according to reports from Matador and Perfume Genius, apparently it’s just two guys hugging that can send Google’s censors into overdrive.

    It all started when Matador put out the below advert for Perfume Genius’ sophomore album, Put Your Back N 2 It, that features a couple men hugging, and while not fully clothed, they aren’t naked either. Matador received the following statement when they sent the ad to be used on YouTube. 

    Any ads that contain non family safe material are disapproved. I noted to the team that the people in the video are not entirely unclothed, but the overall feeling of the video is one of a more adult nature, including promoting mature sexual themes and what appears to be nude content. As such, the video is non family safe. In order to have this video ad approved, you will need to bring it into compliance with our policy.

    Google never told Matador what would need to be different to get the ad up, mostly just saying it’s sexual, when it isn’t anymore sexual than ads for Viagra, or something. For their part, Matador seems pretty calm about it, and they’ve put the video up on Vimeo at least. It’s below for you to get enraged about. [via 130 BPM]

    Perfume Genius ad from nils bernstein on Vimeo.