Perez and TMZ Report Rebbie Jackson will Raise Michael’s Kids

    Both Perez Hilton and TMZ are saying that if Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, gets custody of his children, the famiy’s oldlest sister, Rebbie, will be the one who does the day-today raising of the kids.


    Hilton says the “the decision was mutually agreed upon by the entire faily” and even though you don’t see or hear about Rebbie much, she’s always been involved with Michael’s children. TMZ notes that that Rebbie is now 59 and has lived a stable life in Las Vegas with her husband of two decades.


    Music heads may remember Rebbie as the family’s one-hit-wonder. According to Joel Whitburn’s Billboard reference book “Top Pop Hits,” she took the Michael-penned “Centipede” to Number 24 in the Fall of 1984 — but never hit the pop charts again (although she did have some success on the R&B charts in the late 1990s).


    The “Centipede” video can be seen here.