Pepper Rabbit Announces Split

    Los Angeles duo Pepper Rabbit were one of the many acts that played one of Prefix’s SXSW parties in 2011, but the band won’t be returning in 2012. A statement on the group’s Facebook page has announced that the duo is calling it quits, with singer Xander Singh claiming he is going to carry on making music in other guises.

    The statement is long and sprawling, but here’s an excerpt from it:

    One more “in summation”. It’s very hard to be an “indie band” these days. You spend 100% of your time trying to get the band to another level, 75% of the time on tour losing money, and the rest of your time in either complete elation, or complete doubt. So I urge your all to support your friend’s bands, support your favorite bands. Support bands that you don’t even like, because everyone deserves the time of day, everyone deserves your respect until the proven otherwise. Everyone deserves a chance, so give it to them, it doesn’t take much effort. It doesn’t take much effort to help people explore their passion. And that counts for life, not just music. At the end of the day, bands break up for many reasons, and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter why. All that matter is the music. Remember that.

    Pepper Rabbit’s most recent release was the Red Velvet Snow Ball album on Kanine in 2011, but Singh has drawn a line under all that by stating: “Pepper Rabbit will live on only in the realm of the 2 records and any live shows that have already been performed. There will be no more Pepper Rabbit records or shows.”