Pearl Jam Score New ‘Hamlet’ Adaptation

    When you think of tortured, troubled, dramatic souls, you could envision Hamlet, of course, or Eddie Vedder, as New York production house Here has. The company is adapting an updated version of Hamlet for the stage, it’s enlisted Pearl Jam to score the thing.

    A King Of Infinite Space puts the titular character in New York’s Lower East Side in the ’90s. Instead of royal power grabs, Hamlet will apparently be fighting gentrification as his uncle Claude attempts to turn Elsinore (a building, not a kingdom) into “high priced modern condos in what will soon be known as East Village.” That scene where Hamlet sees his dead father? That’s going to be a drug trip, according to Here.

    Sadly, Pearl Jam will not be the live band playing the score as the production unfolds on stage, but the thought of some Stone Gossard/Mike McCready-style guitar freakouts as modern Hamlet freaks out is a pretty heady proposition. Directed by Jerry Ruiz, A King Of Infinite Space runs through July 21 at Here’s headquarters. Check Here’s website for ticket information. [Consequence of Sound]