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Pearl Jam Lollapalooza broadcast censored?

Pearl Jam and political controversy have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. So it's no surprise that a small storm has brewed up after the band's headlining appearance last weekend at Lollapalooza. As they've long made it a hallmark of their set to do, Eddie Vedder and the boys transitioned the end of "Daughter" into another song. This time it was the Pink Floyd classic "Another Brick in the Wall." Vedder further switched things up when he turned two of the song's lyrics into, "George Bush, find yourself another home," and, "George Bush, leave this world alone." AT&T was covering Lollapalooza through its popular online Blue Room, which brings the sounds of many of today's biggest festivals straight to user's computers. When the Pearl Jam set was broadcast, those particular Bush-bashing lines were bleeped out. AT&T has called the incident a simple mistake, and is working with the band to ensure that archived coverage of the concert will not be censored. Helping AT&T's "it was a motiveless blunder" explanation is the fact that Vedder's diatribe against BP Amoco and inclusion of an Iraq War vet to strengthen his call to end the war were broadcast without a hitch.
Go ahead and post away in the forums as to whether we're talking conspiracy theory here or simple mistake...
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Pearl Jam

Hah!! They just happened to mistakenly bleep out the G. BUSH lines.Come on how stupid do they think people are!!!

Joe Schmoe

how stupid do they think people are!!! he's president isn't he


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