Pearl Jam Follows Vince Neil Over the Fourth Wall, Features Sixteen Songs on Cold Case

    This time the grunge revolution happened in reverse. A week after Motley Crue performed an illusion shattering version of “Dr. Feelgood” on Bones, Pearl Jam has announced that not one, but sixteen, of their songs will be featured on the two-part season finale of Cold Case. This marks the first time the band has been heard in a television series since a small piece of “Yellow Ledbetter” was used in the finale of Friends. Given the premise of the show, where a team of investigators look into closed investigations, most of the songs featured will come from the band’s 1991 debut album Ten. The story isn’t at all grunge-centric, though; it features the trials of the first girl admitted at a strict military school, which in the end is probably similar to the hazing Pearl Jam faced trying to break into the Seattle scene. [NME]